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Tsunami Wood from Japan
Tsunami Wood
"Under the Wave off Kanagawa" from "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" Katsushika Hokusai ca. 183032
Novels -- Currently working on a set of 3 novels related to tsunamis on Vancouver Island. The drafts are written, and I am in the slow process of editing and rewriting.

Tsunami Trilogy 1 -- The Serpent meets the Dragon
I have discovered clues that the Sea Serpent art of the NW First Nations, and the Japanese Dragon art, may have been originally inspired by tsunamis This novel turns the tsunami debris into a story of First Nations culture, Japanese Edo life, Japanese skill training, and the 2011 tsunami. It promotes skill training.

Tsunami Trilogy 2 -- 1700, The Winged Canoe

This is a "you are there" novel about the effects of the 1700 earthquake and tsunami on the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nation on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and the Mowachaht-Muchalat people in Nootka Sound..Many strong villages would have been reduced to barren beaches with mainly men survivors, with a big impact on their economy, culture, art and history. The girl in the novel is a skilled weaver and the man is a canoe-builder and artist.

Tsunami Trilogy 3 -- Disaster Dancing

A novel about the next big earthquake and tsunami on the West Coast. The girl is an artist and Mr. Right is a 15-year-old taking flying lessons to be a float plane pilot. It includes many useful details about how a small neighbourhood can survive and have fun doing it. The story starts around Victoria and ends up in Ucluelet-Tofino. -- "How to survive earthquakes, youth, romance, and other natural disasters, while catching and keeping Mr. Right."

left brain mapHidden -- How Your Brain Works
Right brain mapAs a teacher of subjects ranging from academic physics to vocational logging, I wanted to learn about why my students had such varied talents. After studying textbooks on the brain, I developed simple diagrams about how the brain works, and brain maps.
After putting in on the Internet around 1995, they are in 4 univesity textbooks on psychology and neuroanatomy, and are used in many hospital out-patient clinics for brain injury and stroke victims.
A very popular page on the Internet is on natural brain differences between men and women, .

Amateur Seismology
I grew up in California and became fascinated with earthquakes, and have a homemade seismograph.

 Earthquake models
As a volunteer at the Pacific Geoscience Centre near Victoria I made earthquake demonstration models.

This is my Episodic Tremor and Slip (SLIP) model that works based on first principles of friction and compression springs to clearly demonstrate how the locked zone and ETS work together.

16 year old studentVocational Education
I have taught both academic physics and vocational logging programs in high school, along with Flying Clubs from grades 5-12 where students learned to fly at local airports. More than 90% of youth are not "academic" but unfortunately are often treated as "dummies" and 2nd class citizens in schools.
As a result of the logging program success, the Ministry of Education in 1975 asked me to join several other shop teachers to develop the "Career-Preparation" program concept, which is still used in many BC High Schools as a framework for serious teaching of a variety of vocational careers.

Science ideas -- As a retired physics teacher, I have been working on a few radical ideas in physics and astronomy for many years.
Virtual Pair Bonding (2002)
Physics know that electrons interact with a "sea of virtual pairs" to explain the Lamb Shift. I say if they can interact, then they can also bond. An electron bonded to a Virtual pair becomes a muon, a "heavy electron". .
Therefore, Higgs bosons may be just another name for virtual pairs bonding. I discovered that this can explain all the decay modes of all the particles. Quarks and W particles are simply certain combinations of virtual pairs.

Galactic Tectonics --
A Galactic Life Cycle

Suggestions about galaxies that contradict the Big Bang idea.