Stephen. R. Holland
"Quantum mechanics implies that the whole of space is filled with pairs of 'virtual' particles and antiparticles that are constantly materializing in pairs, separating, and then coming together again and annihilating each other. These particles are called virtual because, unlike 'real' particles, they cannot be observed directly with a particle detector. Their indirect effects can nonetheless be measured, and their existence has been confirmed by a small shift (The 'Lamb Shift') they produce in the spectrum of light from excited hydrogen atoms."
--- Stephen Hawking 1977
Bonding of virtual pairs may explain "real" particle components and decay
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I worked out a simple bookkeeping system showing that all decay modes of all particles differ in only virtual pairs (mass) and neutrino pairs (bonding angular momentum). It describes the possible list of components and decay modes for all the "elementary" particles.

Muons as the simplest bonding combination are very important to study.A muon may be just an electron bonded to a virtual pair, hence a "massive electron." Picture at left shows the muon components and how they can produce all the observed decay modes. I suggest Higgs Bosons are actually Virtual Pairs.